Altitude restaurant 

 A table for all tastes 

Conscious that the expectations of the customers are different according to the seasons, the catering offer is adapted. In winter, as skiers hit the slopes, they can stop for lunch. A special card is offered with fast food. In the evening, things are different. The dishes are more elaborate and you can enjoy them in a typical decor that pays tribute to the old wood and an impressive collection of more than 190 bells! In any case, local products are honored. Charcuterie, breads, fruits and vegetables, cheeses are all from the soil and worked with love and respect. The craft here holds all its promises. The same goes for the summer. Another peculiarity of the place, the emphasis on pastries where the proposals are all more tempting than the others and in all seasons. Indoor or outdoor on the terrace with panoramic views of the Dents du Midi, all reasons are good to take a break Chez Gaby!